What’s The Difference Between PLA Vs PLA+ (PLA Plus)?

pla vs pla+
FDM printers use various different filament types but the two most common are ABS and PLA. Both of these filament materials are described as thermoplastics and this means that when they are exposed to high temperatures they become malleable. In other words, it can be molded into various shapes. We’re going to be looking in ... Read more

The Best 3D Printer For Miniatures

best 3d printer for miniatures

The cost of these 3D printers do vary and there are some entry-level products on the market that allow hobbyists to get involved and experiment. One area in which this technology is now being utilized is in tabletop and RPG games. The miniatures used in these games are small yet highly detailed which is perfect for 3D printing.

Where To Buy D&D Miniatures In Bulk

Dungeons and Dragons miniatures
Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D as it is lovingly known across the world, is a role-playing game that many of us enjoyed when we were young. Countless hours spent with friends weaving and plotting our characters through story lines. Many more hours spent under the lamp, painstakingly painting our miniature collections to somewhere near perfection. ... Read more